Pharmacology Abbreviations

Introduction to Pharmacology:

Pharmacology is the science that deals with drugs and their interaction with the living system. Pharmacology is a crucial part of medicine because medicines are fundamental in treating human diseases. So, understanding the basics of how medicines work is really important.

Over time, pharmacology has changed. At first, it was about studying what happens when we use different chemicals. Now, it’s more about figuring out the tiny details of how drugs actually work on a really small level. Basically, pharmacology is about studying how different chemicals, whether they come from nature or are made in a lab (we call these drugs), impact living things. This knowledge is vital for the medical field. Here we will be talking more about the pharmacological aspect needed for nursing. Below are some of the pharmacology abbreviations that are needed for nurses and nursing:

Important Pharmacology Abbreviations

  • AD: right ear
  • AS: left ear
  • AU: both ears
  • bid: twice a day
  • cap: capsule
  • EC: enteric-coated
  • elix: elixir
  • hs: hour of sleep
  • IM: intramuscular
  • IV: intravenous
  • NG: nasogastric
  • npo: nothing by mouth
  • OD: right eye
  • oint ointment
  • os: mouth
  • OTC: over-the-counter
  • OS: left eye
  • OU: both eyes
  • pc: after meals
  • per: by
  • po: by mouth
  • pr: per rectum
  • prn: as needed
  • q every
  • q1h every 1 hour
  • q2h every 2 hours
  • qid: four times a day
  • SL: Sublingual
  • SR: sustained release
  • supp: suppository
  • syr:syrup
  • tab: tablet
  • tid: three times a day

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